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As I perfect my abilities in Dreamweaver I will upgrade this page and list more work. I have included a gallery in this page as well that shows some of the static artwork I have done. I began making stationeries which I found extremely fun and moved on to other projects. I learned a great deal about javascript and flash in previous classes. Dreamweaver in the past was to cumbersome to learn since it slowed me down, learning to write code first sometimes is not the greatest thing. I struggled even so with this as the rollover menu would not show up and the flash will not play at preview stages in the browser. So after 3 very long days I uploaded the files and low and behold they worked....go fiqure. There are more graphics on the family pages.

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This will remain my dearest work, Danielle has since become a mother of her own so I really need to update this project.
If you push the button it will continue to play through the I said it was on of the first projects I did.